Part-Time Food Process Worker

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Food Process Workers are responsible for manufacturing and packaging of a wide selection of food items, in addition to grading, sorting, cleaning, counting, moving and packaging products. Being a food process worker, you would typically work in a fast moving production line, where frozen and non-frozen food passes down on conveyor belts, through a variety of stages; washing, inspecting, sorting, handling and packaging.

  • Checking and controlling the equipment that make the food
  • Checking instruments for example temperature gauges, at customary intervals
  • Keeping machines dirt free at all times
  • Cleaning and sanitizing machines, work areas and common areas
  • When problems happen with the production procedure, you would discontinue the machine and report the fault to a supervisor or manager
  • making sure the production line has a regular supply of raw materials or components

Skills and Knowledge

  • The aptitude to keep attentiveness for cyclical tasks
  • Correctness and attention to detail
  • A good understanding of physical condition and safety and basic cleanliness rules
  • Good powers of surveillance to spot problems with produce
  • The aptitude to act rapidly when there is a difficulty
  • Good team working skills and the aptitude to work alone
  • Ability to work in temperature-controlled cold food processing rooms (45f or colder) continuously for up to 4 hours
  • Ability to work in freezers (with protective gear)
  • The capability to follow instructions and procedures


You might be able to begin as a food processor without a formal education. A good secondary education might help your career prospects, for instance if you wish to move into a supervisory or managerial role.

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